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It’s back! 21st Century Child returns to our screens on Thursday 6th February at 10.15pm on RTE 1.

You can catch up on previous episodes of the show on RTE Player by clicking here.

I’ve been lucky enough to have several television series that have enjoyed huge national audiences. “Families in Trouble” was my first venture into television and ran for two consecutive series. I then became involved in our ongoing project “21st Century Child”.

Over 500,000 viewers tuned into my subsequent, award winning, series “Teens in the Wild”, which also aired on RTÉ 1.

It was so successful that myself and Firebrand Productions had another go and this time we took whole families away. The fruits of that labour, “Families in the Wild” finished it’s run on RTÉ 1 at the start of April 2011.

Bullyproof is my most recent award winning television programme. Bullyproof received amazingly positive audience feedback and also won an IFTA for Best Television Documentary Series. You can see a clip of us receiving the award here

If you have been affected by bullying then please click here for a comprehensive listing of resources. Teachers looking for tools/lesson plans to address bullying within schools might like to click here

You can read a feature article that I wrote about the dilemmas of making these kinds of television programmes by clicking here

If you click on the title slides or links of each of my TV series it will bring you to the relevant RTÉ website that will explain all about what I have been up to on-screen.

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External link: Teens in the Wild - RTE1

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