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My child bites!

A really common dilemma for parents of toddlers is what to do when your child bites.

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Hmmmm…what do do with a hummer

If your child hums out loud when they are concentrating is it really a problem?

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The dilemma of blending families

Blending families after separation and remarriage can be a tricky business. Hear the struggles of one mum whose stepson resents her.

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Back to school separation anxiety

Deal with your child’s back to school worries

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What to tell your children about tragedies?

It is hard to know what to tell your children about the constant barrage of bad news stories in the media. Sometimes no news is good news is the mantra to observe.

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Teen stuck to the sofa

What to do if your teenager refuses to get off the sofa, even though his health and well-being are suffering? This week’s Q&A in the Irish Independent deals with this issue

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