David Coleman

clinical psychologist, broadcaster & author


So this is me! I guess you have found the site because you know something of the work that I have done on television, radio or in the newspapers. If you’d like to find out anything more about my media work then click on the relevant link to the left.

I wasn’t always known for being on the TV. Before I got “found” by a television producer I was already a busy clinical psychologist and I have always specialised in working with children, teenagers and their families. I’ve been a psychologist for about 17 years.

Before I started working as a psychologist, I studied for years in University College Dublin. I did several degrees there, the last of which was my Masters in Psychological Science, the degree that qualifies me as a clinical psychologist here in Ireland.

One of the real perks of being better known for my media work and the books I have written is that I get invited to give talks all around the country. I love getting on the road and always try to tailor my talks to the particular audience. If you’d like to book me for a talk or would like to come to any of my public talks that are scheduled then click here.

I do still see clients on an individual and family basis. I don’t have much time for a private practice but I may be able to meet with you, your child, your teenager, or all of you if you’d like a consultation. Please click on the Consultations tab on the left hand side which details my current practice situation.

When I am not working I hang out with my family. We live in Co Clare; I’m married with three children, two of whom are teenagers. I try to practice what I preach, but I am sure they could tell you the truth…which is that I make as many mistakes as anyone in parenting.